Bringing the Zoo to You: Taronga Zoo Launches Livestream Taronga TV

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Even though Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo are closed due to COVID-19 pandemic, you don’t have to miss out on seeing the animals.

Taronga TV brings the two zoos directly into your living room! Tune in daily to see your favourite animals, meet friendly keepers, watch animal shows and feedings and learn what goes on behind the scenes while Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo are temporarily closed.

They have set up 24/7 live-streaming cameras including a Tiger Cam, Seal Cam and Elephant Cam.

The Tiger cam features the beautiful Sumatran Tigers. Tune in and watch the antics of the three cute cubs. These cubs are playful and energetic. You can catch them playing with each other, jumping in the pool or lazing around. Tune in around 9.30am and 2.15pm for their feeding times to see then at their most active.

You can also watch another baby animal, the cheeky Asian elephant Jai Dee play in the elephant cam which captures him playing, swimming and eating with his mum and aunt.

To relax, watch the seals glide and swim in the Seal Cam.

You can also catch daily shows and animal feedings. They’re still happening just behind closed doors. Our favourite is the Seal Show.

You can also find digital resources to support your kids while they’re learning at home. Taronga Zoo has online resources for students as well as their Wild Squad kids’ activities for kids interested in conservation.

To find out more about Taronga TV, visit the Taronga Zoo website

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