Share What You Want in New Playgrounds in Adamstown Heights & Belmont

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What makes a great local playground? That’s the question Lake Macquarie City Council wants the community to answer as they plan the replacement of another two playgrounds in Lake Macquarie.

The two existing playgrounds at Russell Reserve, Adamstown Heights, and Belmont Lions Park, Belmont, will be revamped as part of Council’s Asset Replacement Program this financial year.

Lake Macquarie City Council wants to hear from you about what type of play equipment you would like to see included in these local playgrounds.

  • Is it swing sets, climbing structures, slides, balance beams, spring rockers or sensory play elements? You’ll be able to nominate different play equipment that you would like to see at the revamped playground.
  • What age range do you want the playground to cater for?
  • What colours or features would you like to see used for these new playgrounds?

Manager Asset Management Brendan Callander said outdoor play was an essential part of growing up and vital to health and wellbeing of families in Lake Mac. “We manage and maintain more than 120 playgrounds across the City,” Mr Callander said.

“To ensure our playgrounds are safe and meet the needs of our community, we have an Asset Replacement Program in place to replace outdated equipment.

“We want to make sure the end result is what the local community wants in a safe, fun, exciting new playground.”

Have your say about your local playgrounds. The feedback received from the community during the consultation will be used to inform the final design of both playgrounds.

The community is encouraged to visit by 5pm, Friday 21 August to tell Council what pieces of equipment they would like to see installed at each playground.

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