Stay at Home & Read Online Library Challenge at Newcastle Libraries

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In response to the ongoing lockdowns, Newcastle Libraries have launched two online challenges for families. You can join the fun by registering with Beanstalk on the Newcastle Libraries website.

Spring STEAM Challenge (for kids 5 – 12)

The Spring STEAM Challenge requires younger readers to log minutes read and participate in STEAM Challenges to earn tickets which again can be entered into weekly prize draws. While we’re all staying at home, let’s get reading, reviewing, and doing! Kids can log their reading minutes, write reviews to inspire others’ reading, and take part in STEAM-based activities. With each badge completed, they will earn a ticket to enter into a weekly Spring STEAM Challenge draw and choose a STEAM prize.

For the Spring Steam Challenge, minutes are logged by participants. To earn a badge 20 minutes needs to be logged, this will turn the badge from grey to colour. Don’t stress if you don’t read 20 minutes at a time as minutes logged will accrue towards. So if 15 minutes are logged in one sitting and then in the next sitting 10 minutes are logged then the participant will earn their first badge and be halfway to earning their second badge. Participants do not need to log the title and author of the books read but we encourage participants to do so to help us see what everyone is reading.  

Stay at Home and Read Challenge (for kids 12+ and adults)

The Stay at Home and Read Challenge requires participants to log the books they read and participate in challenges that highlight the library’s wonderful resources. Participants earn tickets into weekly prize draws. 

Through Beanstack, adults and kids (12+) will get rewarded for all their Stay at Home Read/Watch/Listen obsessions every week of the Challenge. This challenge will open up the Newcastle Library online library world to you and your family to support your library fix whilst stuck at home.

Get to know their free movie and music streaming platforms, search the podcast offerings, listen to an audiobook or read an ebook or magazine.

Newcastle Libraries collections online offer something for everyone so get started by logging your reading and completing our online e-resource challenges. Each badge gained will earn you a ticket into our weekly draw for a $50 MacLeans book voucher.  

Both Challenges begin 13 September 2021 and run through to the 11 October 2021. Each Monday, weekly prizes will be drawn, and the winner notified.

You can join the fun by registering with Beanstalk on the Newcastle Libraries website.

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