Museum Park Scavenger Hunt Answers

Hope you had fun exploring Museum Park. Need some help with the scavenger hunt or want to check your answer? Scroll down to the question to see the answer.

Question 1

Visit the figure in front of the Visitor Information Centre. This was Australia’s first female mayor and the first leader to raise the Aboriginal flag on a public building. What was her name?

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Answer: Joy Cummings

Question 2

Find the large mural of a woman that covers an entire building. This dream wall was created during the Big Picture Fest in 2020. What is the name of the artist who created this mural?

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Answer: Fintan Magee

Question 3

Approach the Visitor Information Centre and read the acknowledgement to the traditional owners created by Jasmine Craciun. In this mural, there are two phrases, “Tanan Ngaligu” and “Korkuee Irrgu”. These are Awabakal and Worimi words for a greeting. Hint: the word is above these phrases.

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Answer: welcome

Question 4

Look at the blue seats that are around Station Park. These are the original seats from the former rail station. The white letters spell out the name of the station. What is it?

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Answer: Civic

Question 5

If you look carefully, you can see where the original rail platform used to be. Stencilled in the concrete is a warning. What do you need to beware of when boarding?

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Answer: Gap

Question 6

In the flower garden, look carefully within the garden beds. What can you see that remains from the former train station? Hint: trains run on them.

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Answer: tracks

Question 7

Find the tile mural on the brick wall. It was made of 99 individual tiles and aimed to raise community awareness and acceptance of people with a disability. What is the name of this mural?

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Answer: “Seams like Newcastle”

Question 8

Look for the long metal and timber seating platform in Museum Park. This was repurposed from the Civic Railway Station which was formerly at this location. What was the platform previously used as? It’s the title on the sign.

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Answer: Civic Station Footbridge

Question 9

Head to the side of Newcastle Museum and you’ll see new murals. Find the Mitch Revs mural and look up. You’ll spot a saying “Smooth Seas Never Made a…” What are the last two words?

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Answer: Skilled Sailor

Mystery Question

According to local Aboriginal people, the land on which Newcastle CBD is built is called?

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Answer: Muluubinba

* Most of us are used to the old spelling of Muloobinba which is on the artwork signage which greets passengers at the Newcastle ferry terminal next to Queens Wharf. However, according to the City of Newcastle research for the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage section of the Heritage Strategy, the spelling and meaning of the word has been refined and is now Muluubinba.


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