Hog Watts is back for the January 2020 school holidays with an encore magical adventure for Potter fans young & old of Harry Watter & The Full Moon’s Curse. In this parody account, a dark wizard has escaped and is desperate to display his softer side to the wizards of Watt Street. 

Hog Watts is an immersive lunch/dinner & show experience set within the magical walls and halls of 48 Watt St in Newcastle.

Family matinee sessions are available for parents and kids who want to experience the fun and magic of Hogwatts together! There’s also 18+ evening events for those who want to leave the kids at home.

The event runs from Friday 17 January until Sunday 19 January 2020.

Ticket includes entrance to the magical world of Hog Watts, a two-course meal & interactive show hosted by Dumbledore & Hagrid. Meal includes Roast Dinner. Vegetarian & GF alternatives available only (no Vegan).

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the website.