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Tell City of Newcastle what you love about Newcastle beaches! Newcastle’s coastline is precious to locals and visitors alike, and through a new survey Love Our Coast, City of Newcastle is looking to explore what the community loves about our beaches and what people do while they are there.

Love Our Coast

The Love our Coast survey, which is open today, will help with the development of the City’s coastal management programs which will shape future plans to enhance our coast.  

The survey will collect a range of information including what beaches people visit and how frequently, what they do while they are there and why they choose the beaches they do. It will also investigate how people get to the beach and how much money they spend during their trips. 

Love Our Coast

Whether you’re swimming, surfing, walking, skateboarding, cycling or just grabbing a coffee or meal at the beach, share your thoughts.

Love Our Coast

This information will help City of Newcastle identify priorities and plans for the coastline moving forward like coastal management programs.

We have gorgeous beaches and a beautiful coastline in Newcastle. If you have a few minutes, provide feedback to City of Newcastle through the Love Our Coast survey.

The survey will be open for feedback from Monday 22 February to Friday 5 March. To share your thoughts, visit 

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