Put Out Your Bears & Build a Teddy Bear Hunt for Local Kids

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Put a teddy bear in your window or on your verandah. It’s part of a new neighbourhood scavenger hunt in the age of coronavirus.

As a tribute to the much-loved children’s book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, people worldwide are placing teddy bears in their front windows for kids to spot. It’s a wonderful way for neighbours to do something fun for neighbourhood kids.

It lets families who are socially distancing spot something fun along a walk. Although we are being asked to stay at home, at the current time, you can go for a neighbourhood walk, while maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres to other people.

Teddy bears are popping up all over Australia. There’s even a hashtag #putyourteddyout. You can also get your neighbours to get involved. Some families are writing notes and dropping them in their neighbours’ letter box asking to leave a teddy bear in the front window of their house.

Check out the Facebook Group (Teddy Bear Hunt NSW). It has lots of locations in Newcastle & the Hunter with participating teddies.

Put your teddy out!

And if you want to rediscover the magic of this classic kids book, here’s Michael Rosen reading the book and recreating scenes.

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