Starting school is a major milestone for both you and your child! If you’ve got a little one starting Kindy soon, here’s some books to help with the transition.

My First Day at School by Meredith Costain & Michelle Mackintosh

My First Day at School is designed to help reassure and prepare school-age children for that magical first day in an unfamiliar environment. It follows the experiences and emotions of four very different children from their first teary farewells to their parents through to the joy of making new friends and the discovery that school can be an exciting and enjoyable place, however challenging. RRP $25.95

First Day by Andrew Daddo & Jonathan Bentley

Are you ready? Let’s have a yummy breakfast first. (Whatever you want. Porridge? Fruit salad?) Then it’s time to get dressed. It’ll be fun. You’ll meet new friends. New BFFs! You might have to be a bit brave… It’s the first day at school. But who is the most nervous about the big day? RRP $24.99

Starting School by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

Starting School is easy and fun with Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s picture-book classics. From first-day nerves to finding your peg, this helpful and reassuring read is full of humour for children and parents alike. RRP $14.99

Wombat goes to School by Jackie French & Bruce Whatley

She sleeps. She eats. She scratches – and finds a hole. When Mothball discovers a new hole, it unexpectedly leads her to the local school. The children learn that wombats love carrots and grass, while Mothball learns that lunch boxes contain very few carrots, that sports sheds can be a good place to have a nap, and that when you’re brown and round, it’s not a good idea to get too close to a ball… RRP $24.99

Starting School by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker

Tim, Hannah, Sunita, Joe and Polly are all off to school for the first time. Would you like to meet them and see how they go? There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn, and lots of different things to discover. From Jane Godwin and Anna Walker comes this beautiful book focussing on the experiences and feelings of five very different children as they begin at school for the first time. Jane’s simple words and ideas combine with Anna’s gentle and detailed illustrations to help children feel comfortable about taking this big step. RRP $24.99