Celebrate Father’s Day with five children’s books to celebrate the occasion. Here’s some lovely gifts for dad to share with their little ones.

Daddy Cuddle

The first book is Daddy Cuddle written by Kate Mayes and illustrated by Sarah Acton. This book is a sweetly illustrated book with beautiful watercolour drawings. It’s early in the morning, before dark and Bunny the rabbit is trying to rouse his dad out of bed to play. It perfectly captures the lengths that kids will go to get their father’s attention

Daddy Cuddle is published by ABC Books. Age 0 -5. RRP $19.99.

Daddies are Great

This is the book to get for dad if you’re a dog lover. This cute rhyming book celebrating dads features gorgeous illustrations of Daddy dogs with their offspring. Written by Meredith Costain and illustrated by Polona Lovsin, all your favourite dogs are in here like bulldogs, huskies, poodles and labradors.

Daddies Are Great is published by Koala Books by Scholastic. Age 3 – 7. RRP $14.99.

Daddy, You’re Awesome

Daddy, You’re Awesome written by Laine Mitchell and illustrated by Renee Treml uses different animals to illustrate how awesome their dad is. It covers all the fun things that dads do like playing ball games, pushing swings, counting stars, singing rhymes and telling fun stories. Our favourite page? The daddy rabbit wearing a toolbelt building a cubbyhouse. Priceless! Lots of fun to read this rhyming book.

Daddy, You’re Awesome is published by Scholastic Australia. Age 3+. RRP $16.99.

My Dad is a Giraffe

Aaaaawww! This heartwarming book by Stephen Michael King tells the story of a child who compares her daddy to a giraffe. Dad is tall, gentle and lots of fun and let’s kids ride on his back just like a giraffe! It’s a wonderful book that illustrates how kids see their fathers.

My Dad is a Giraffe is published by Scholastic Press Age 4+. RRP $16.99.

Dear Dad, I Want To Be Just Like You

Dear Dad I Want To Be Just Like You written by Ed Allen and illustrated by Simon Williams was our favourite of the Dad books. There’s room for kids to stick a photo of their dad and them. Each page features a separate letter to their dad from different animals. It’s very clever and very cute. I especially like the letter from Fang, a little crocodile to his dad complimenting his barbecuing skills. “Your skin might be tough and leathery but your steaks never are… Let’s play our favourite card game after dinner. Snap”. It’s such a lovely book and will inspire your child to write their own letter to their dad. The last page of the book actually has space for kids to write a letter.

Dear Dad I Want To Be Just Like You is published by Scholastic Australia Age 3+ RRP $16.99.

Newy with Kids received review copies.