10 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids & Families

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Celebrate Easter with some fun hands-on craft. Our friends at CleverPatch (an amazing craft supply company headquartered right here in the Hunter) have provided us with some inspiration for craft family fun over the Easter holidays. You can do the traditional painting of Easter eggs, but this year, try something eggs-tra with these fun Easter craft ideas.

Hand Print Easter Bunny Canvas Panel

Kids craft easter

Not only does this craft make an adorable Easter Bunny, it’s a wonderful keepsake of a child’s hand print. Make an extra one to give to nana! Click here for craft instructions

Painted Easter Rocks

Easter Craft

Get out the painting supplies and paint some Easter-themed rocks. Be inspired to create easter egg, bunnies or baby chicks. Then hide them around your neighbourhood for others to find. Click here for craft instructions

Decorated Egg Cup

Easy Kids Easter Craft

For a wonderful yet practical craft idea, make a decorated egg cup. You can create an Easter Egg cup or decorate an egg cup that you can use at breakfast time. It’s easy to decorate but follow the useful tip when it comes to baking the egg cup to set the design. Click here for craft instructions

Hatching Felt Chicks

Easy Kids Easter Craft

These little felt chicks are adorable and a fun craft if you and your kids know how to do a simple sewing stitch. It involves creating a chick and an egg. Ideal little Easter gifts for friends and family. Add a small chocolate Easter Egg in there as well as an added surprise. Click here for craft instructions. If you’re feeling up to a challenge, sew baby rabbits and carrots as well.

Decorated Easter Bonnet

Need an Easter Bonnet for the school parade? Here are some ideas to decorate your bonnet. Stick on some baby chicks or design handmade flowers to individually decorate your hat. Click here for craft instructions

Origami Easter Bunny

Easy Kids Easter Craft

For a calm yet fun activity, practice origami. It’s easy to make an origami Easter Bunny – just add some wiggle eyes to your paper creation. This origami Easter Bunny is perfect to add to Easter cards, stick to an Easter bonnet or decorate a table centrepiece for Easter Lunch. Click here for craft instructions

Easter Bunny Spoon Puppet

Kids Easter Craft

Got an extra wooden spoon at home? Make a cute Easter Bunny spoon puppet. Super cute and easy too. You’ll just need to paint, cut and glue. Click here for craft instructions

Thumbprint Easter Chick Canvas Panel Artwork

Kids craft easter

Use your kids thumbs to create Easter chicks on a canvas. Once you have all the yellow smudges across the canvas, start decorating. You can even do one yourself and compare the sizes of the chicks! Click here for craft instructions

Easter Wooden Birdhouses

Kids Easter Craft

Make the birds in your backyard happy with a decorated birdhouse. It’s a fun activity to do over the Easter break. You can get creative and make all kinds of different designs. Click here for craft instructions

Stained Glass Wooden Cross

Kids craft easter

For those who want to remember the reason for the season, create a “stained glass” cross to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It’s a beautiful keepsake that can be displayed each year or gifted to a friend or family member. Click here for craft instructions

For more Easter craft ideas, visit the Newy with Kids Easter Pinterest Board.

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