Download a Kids Lockdown Diary Printable

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In 2020, Christchurch artist Stephen McCarthy created a fantastic free printable for kids to complete. My Lockdown Diary provided kids with a 28-page document to record their thoughts in the COVID-19 lockdown. The diary features 28 pages as New Zealand faced a 4-week lockdown. It’s been a huge hit with over 140,000 downloads so far.

Even though the date says 2020, it’s worth downloading for this year’s lockdown. There are some prompts and activities but loads of space for kids to write and draw how they’re doing and how they’re feeling. The pages cover different activities as well as getting them to record their thoughts. We especially love the doodles and there’s plenty of space for kids to add their own drawings or colouring in addition to their words.

For a memento of the 2021 Lockdown, download and print a copy and get the kids to fill it in. Adults, you can also fill in your own version as well. After you’ve filled it all in over the lockdown period, staple together and keep.

The printable is free to download but if you can, donate a small amount to Stephen to help him expand the idea and cover some costs and time. To download the file, you’ll just need to enter your email and then you’ll instantly receive access to the PDF download.

If you don’t have a printer, you can download the screen version in Powerpoint format, fill in on the computer and print out later. You can also open this file in Google slides and use the scribble and text tool. Full instructions here.

Visit the My Lock Down Diary website to download the diary.

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