Additional Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers: Extra $50 Worth to Spend on Dining Out & Entertainment

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You’ll soon be receiving an additional $50 worth of vouchers for Dine & Discover. The NSW Government is providing two additional vouchers to kickstart the economy post-lockdown. This supplements the $100 worth of vouchers you were eligible for (and probably used already on eating out and entertainment pre-lockdown!)

In order to encourage the community to get out and support local hospitality, arts and tourism businesses hit hard by COVID-19, the NSW Government launched Dine & Discover NSW in March 2021. The scheme was due to run until 31 August 2021 but has now been extended to Tuesday 30 June 2022.

Where To Use Discover NSW Vouchers Before They Expire

Wondering where to use your Discover NSW voucher? Most people have used the Dine portion of the NSW Dine & Discover vouchers but if you have a Discover voucher still to use before the expire on 30 June, here are some ideas for fun family activities to use your $25 Discover NSW voucher in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter as well as on the Central Coast and around Sydney.

6 February 2022 Update: $250 Parents NSW voucher will be available to all households who had a school-aged child in 2021. 5 x $50 Discover and Stay vouchers will be available from Monday 7 February 2022 in the Service NSW app to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music, and arts venues as well as accommodation including hotels, motels, resorts, caravan parks and camping grounds.

NSW residents aged 18 & over can receive up to $150 vouchers to spend on dining out and entertainment. Think of it as the grown-up version of the NSW Active Kids or NSW Creative Kids Vouchers!

User your Dine & Discover NSW vouchers and support local businesses and enjoy activities with your family. You can head out to the movies, out for a meal or visit a local zoo or wildlife park, the $25 voucher will go towards the cost of your outing. You’ll just need to pay the difference for the kids or leave the kids at home with a babysitter and enjoy a night out without the kids.

How many Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers am I eligible for ?

Every NSW resident aged 18 and over was eligible for four $25 vouchers worth $100 in total. The vouchers can be used at participating NSW businesses who are registered as COVID safe. The Dine & Discover NSW Voucher scheme has been expanded to include another $25 Dine Voucher and $25 Discover Voucher. If you have already applied for Dine & Discover NSW, the additional vouchers will be added to the Service NSW app in December.

There will be six vouchers in total (counting the ones you’ve redeemed already) and you’ll need to use the vouchers separately. The purpose of this scheme is to encourage people to get out and visit different dining places, entertainment and recreation spots.

Where can I use the Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers?

There are two different types of Dine & Discover NSW vouchers.

The Dine & Discover NSW vouchers will be divided into two categories:

  • $25 Dine NSW vouchers to be used for eating in at restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs. They can be used 7 days a week including Public Holidays. Note: It’s not for takeaway meals.
  • $25 Discover NSW vouchers to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music, and arts venues, available 7 days a week, excluding public holidays.

For a full list of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Hunter businesses participating in the scheme, visit the Dine & Discover NSW Business Finder. You’ll need to enter a postcode or suburb or search by business name and then listings will appear. Unfortunately, there’s no way to search a suburb or postcode and add an area radius.

How do I get the Dine & Discover NSW vouchers?

To participate in Dine & Discover NSW, you must have a MyServiceNSW account. You can download the Service NSW app now and register for a MyServiceNSW.

If you haven’t already redeemed the Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers, you’ll need to apply via the ServiceNSW app. If you are successful, you’ll find the four $25 vouchers under the ‘Vouchers’ section of the Service NSW App, ready to use within an hour. The two additional vouchers totalling $50 will be added to the Service NSW app in December 2021.

How do I apply for the Dine & Discover NSW vouchers?

It takes a few minutes to complete the application using a smartphone app.

Apply via the ServiceNSW App.

Step 1: Click on Vouchers on ServiceNSW App

Note: If you can’t see Vouchers showing up on your Service NSW app, you might need to update your ServiceNSW app.

How to apply for NSW Dine & Discover

Step 2: Enter your NSW address in Address Search

How to apply for NSW Dine & Discover

Step 3: Verify your identity

How to apply for NSW Dine & Discover

Step 4: Apply for NSW Dine & Discover NSW vouchers. Your full name, date of birth and email address should be populated. But you’ll need to add your address in manually.

How to apply for NSW Dine & Discover

Step 5: You’ll then receive a Successfully submitted message. You’ll also receive an email confirmation advising “

How to apply for NSW DIne & Discover

You’ll also receive an email confirmation advising:

Your application for the Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers has been approved, your vouchers will be issued shortly.

Step 6: When ready, your vouchers will appear in the Vouchers section.

Note: it took a few hours before the vouchers appeared under Vouchers not the 10 minutes the app advises.

You can also apply online using a computer or tablet. Visit the Dine & Discover section of Service NSW website. Click on the red button Check Your Address to start your application. You can then receive the vouchers and print them off if you don’t have a smartphone.

How do I use the Dine & Discover NSW vouchers?

Log into the Service NSW App and select Vouchers. Select the voucher you wish to use and then select “find a business” to choose a participating business. You’ll then need to present the voucher QR code for the business to scan at payment. If the total bill is more than $25, you’ll need to pay the difference. You can only redeem one voucher per day at a business. However, you can combine your voucher with another person’s voucher towards the same bill. Once you use the voucher, your device will show the voucher as being used.

If you do not have a smartphone or tablet, you can choose to download and print the vouchers instead. Both printed and digital options can be scanned by participating businesses. 

Where can I use my Dine & Discover NSW vouchers?

You’ll be able to search for participating businesses where you can use your Dine & Discover NSW via the Service NSW app or on the ServiceNSW website. Vouchers must be redeemed in person at participating businesses and can only be used once. The vouchers cannot be used for retail, tobacco, alcohol, gambling and accommodation.

There will be lots of places where you can use your voucher. They will just need to be a registered participant in the Dine & Discover NSW program. These businesses include cafes, restaurants, cinemas, zoos, amusement parks, travel agencies and tours, mini golf, bowling, museums and galleries. For a full list, check out the list below. This is a fantastic opportunity to get out and support local dining spots and attractions

How can my business get involved?

To be eligible for Dine & Discover NSW, your business needs to:

  • have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST.
  • be registered as COVID-safe and have a COVID Safety Plan in place.
  • operate in NSW in one of the eligible industries below

To participate in Dine & Discover NSW you must have a business that operates in one of the following industries:

  • cafes and restaurants
  • pubs, taverns, bars, wineries and clubs
  • scenic and sightseeing transport
  • cinemas
  • museums, galleries and historic sites
  • zoos, botanic gardens, wildlife parks and nature reserves
  • performing arts operations, theatres and entertainment centres
  • amusement, theme and water parks
  • recreational activities such as go-karting, indoor climbing, mini-golf, billiards, bowling or ice-rinks
  • outdoor adventures
  • travel agencies and tours.

If you would like to participate in the scheme please register your business.

For more information, visit the Dine & Discover NSW section on the NSW government website.

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