Easy Peasy Kids Play Slime!

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How to Make Kids Play Slime

Green Slime (or Goop as some people like to call it) is such a COOL substance  to play with as it’s a solid and then changes to a liquid when you try to hold it. It’s a challenge to try to explain the strange texture.  All I know is that it’s a fun messy sensory experience that kids (and adults) will love.

It’s super easy to make and perfect for kids of all ages. It’s made out of non-toxic household stuff so you don’t have to worry about what chemicals are in it.


1 pack of cornflour
1 cup of water
Food colouring (I like using green to create green slime)


1. Mix water and food colouring in bowl.

2. Add cornflour slowly and stir until it starts to solidify.

3. Stick hands in and enjoy the crazy feel!

I recommend making slime and playing with it in the backyard.

That way you don’t need to worry if it goes everywhere. You can just hose it off pavement, toys, kids, pets etc. It actually dries into a powder form. So if you do want to play with it inside, you can hoover it up.

We loved playing with Green Slime. Hours of fun and the mess hosed off in minutes. My kind of fun!

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