Unplugged Play


How to Make Homemade Playdough, It’s Easy!

Don’t buy playdough for your kids. Make it instead with this easy homemade playdough recipe. Most of the ingredients are in your pantry already. Super easy and cheap and last for ages.

5 Second Rule Board Game

Think Fast & Play the 5 Second Rule Board Game

Get your family thinking fast and play the 5 Second Rule game. In this board game, players have to come up with three answers within 5 seconds. Sounds easy but when the pressure’s on, it can be a challenge.

Excavate Fossils in National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

If your kids love dinosaurs, check out the National Geographic Dino Fossil Dig Kit. It’s an innovative science kit which involves kids excavating dinosaur fossils from a dig block. It’s a great gift to let your kids play paleontologist.

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