25 STEM Educational Toy & Gift Ideas for Your Kids

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To prepare for the future, kids need a good grounding in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). To nurture these interests, choose a birthday or Christmas STEM toy or kit. Here are some of the best educational toys and games available in Australia relating to chemistry, biology, physics as well as coding and nature gifts. Kids will be having fun while they develop their learning and STEM skills.

Plui Rain Cloud Bath Toy


Fun in the bath and a physics lesson too! The Rain Cloud illustrates the cycle of water and turns kids into little rainmakers. This smart bath toy works like a pipette and makes simple physics tangible and fun. The Rain Cloud delights, surprises and becomes a favourite during bath time. Age 2+. 17.99. Available at Frontline Hobbies. More info

Edu Science My First 5x Giant Bug Viewer

STEM Giant Bug Viewer

Are your kids obsessed with bugs? Get them the Giant Bug Viewer. It enables young scientists to observe micro insects up close. It’s a great way to develop young kids STEM skills. Age 3+. 16.95. Available at David Jones. More info

Edu Science My First 3x Binoculars

Kids Binoculars

Develop your kid’s observation skills with a pair of their own binoculars. It’s a great way to develop young kids STEM skills. Age 3+. 14.95. Available at David Jones. More info

Magnetika Discovery Set

Magnetic kits kids

Have fun with a magnetic construction set. This starter set includes Magnetika™ translucent tiles, rods and balls. It provides a fun and interactive way to explore STEM learning introducing geometry, magnetism and motion through play.  Age 3+. 59.95 Available at Kidstuff. More info

Osmo Little Genius Starter School

Osmo Little Genius

Get preschoolers interacting with technology in this hands-on kit designed to be used with a iPad. Using silicone sticks and rings in front of a screen, kids can interact with the screen. The Osmo technology “sees” how kids move the pieces in front of the screen and responds with on-screen encouragement, guidance, and giggles. This kit is suitable for kids aged 3 – 5. $159. Available at JB Hifi. More info.

Green Science Solar System

Green Science Solar System

Get your kids interested in our Solar System using this planetarium. They can watch the planets move around the sun under the sunlight. Also works with battery when there is no sunlight. Age 5+. 34.95. Available at David Jones. More info

Wild Science Ant Jungle

If your kids love insects, they’ll love this Ant Jungle set. In it, they will see ants digging tunnels, finding food and exploring their colony. You’ll have to add ants and soil yourself. Age 6+. 29.99. Available at Kidstuff and other good toy retailers. More info

Body Lab

Body Lab

Discover and explore the human body. In this kit, kids can listen to a heartbeat, measure the air in the lungs and test muscle memory! Discover the strength of hair, analyse fingerprints and explore good and bad bacteria on skin! The kit includes 14 fun experiments. Age 6+. $39.99. Available at Australian Geographic. More info

Osmo Genius Kit

Osmo Genius Kit Kids STEM toy

The Genius Kit is perfect for kids age 5-12 years old, but really is designed for all ages to be used with an iPad. With counting-addition-multiplication modes, blending real-life doodles with on-screen action, kick-starting creativity and problem solving, there is a challenge for everybody. This kit is suitable for kids aged 5 – 12. $169. Available at JB Hifi. More info.

Roominate Helicopter Kit

Roominate Helicopter STEM toy girls

Roominate is a wired building system targetting girls that inspires creative learning and empowers hands-on open-ended play. The Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter makes flying to another land or cruising under the sea a possibility! By wiring a spinning propeller with the included motor and connecting the design pieces, girls can create their dream helicopter, airplane, or submarine for open-ended, imaginative play. 8+. Available at Frontline Hobbies. $25.99 More info.

Frightful First Experiments

Kids Science Kit

Budding scientists will love this funny named kit. It includes materials and instructions to try 18 frightfully foul experiments. Kids can learn how to stack lively liquids, perform eye-popping illusions and make their breakfast fly! Age 6+. $47.99. Available at Officeworks. More info

ThinkFun Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze

Kids can learn about physics and how gravity works in the Gravity Maze game. The ThinkFun Gravity Maze Game features multiple towers, a straightforward grid, and 60 challenge cards with varying difficulty levels to provide plenty of logic problems to test your little one’s visual perception and reasoning skills. Age 8+. $48. Available online at Harvey Norman. More info

National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

National Geographic Dino Kit

Your child will become a real palaeontologist as they explore fossils that are millions of years old. The included full-colour learning guide allows children to identify and learn all about each specimen they uncover! Spark your child’s love of history and science, and teach them all about dinosaurs with National Geographic. Age 8+. $24.95. Here’s the Newy with Kids review.Available at good toy retailers. More info

National Geographic Hydrophobic Substances

Hydrophobic Substances STEM kit

Have fun performing amazing science experiments at home with this National Geographic Hydrophobic Substances science kit! It introduces the concepts of hydrophobia and surface tension enabling kids to experience this first-hand in a fun and engaging way. Age 8+. $24.95. Here’s the Newy with Kids review. Available at Myer, David Jones and good toy retailers. More info

National Geographic Mega Slime & Putty Lab

National Geographic STEM kits

If your kids love slime, get them the Mega Slime & Putty Lab. It’s the ultimate in slime. Kids will spend hours exploring the squishy, stretchy, slippery side of science with National Geographic! A fascinating hands-on learning kit, the Mega Slime & Putty Lab contains eight amazing varieties of slime and putty. Age 8+. $69.95 Available at David Jones. More info

Crystal Geode Factory

Crystal Geode Wild Science KIt

Kids can grow their own crystal collection in the Crystal Geode Factory by Wild Science. It’s a fun hands-on science kit in which kids can mix elements and create a citrine heart, emerald heart and amethyst geode. Like with all experiments, it takes time but kids will learn about crystal seeing, chemistry and supersaturation. Age 8+. 24.95. Available at good toy retailers. More info

Bath Bombs Factory

Bath Bombs Factory STEM kids kit

Don’t bother buying bath bombs. Your kids can make their own in the science kit by Wild Science. While they’re having fun playing with magic soda and foaming eruptions, they’ll be learning heaps about chemistry including acid and base reactions and carbon dioxide. Age 8+. $24.95. Available at good toy retailers. More info

Tobbie the Robot

Tobbie the Robot

Kids can build their own robot in the Tobbie the Robot kit. It will be their introduction to artificial intelligence. It’s a clever little robot with lights and sound effects which develops its own emotions and gestures, just like a living pet. Age 8+. $59.95. Available at Toyworld and other good toy retailers. More info

Heebie Jeebie Rock Tumbler

Rock Tumbler STEM kit

Ideal for the kid who is always collecting rocks, this rock tumbler will whip them into beautiful polished stones. Nurture their interest in geography. Part art, part science, this rotary tumbler allows you to use four grades of grinding powder to achieve the perfect polish!  Age 8+. $59.95. Available at Frontline Hobbies. More info

30mm Explorer Telescope With Tripod

Kids Telescope

Develop a budding astronomer and discover the night sky. This hand-held 30mm telescope features 15x magnification. Lightweight and easy to focus, this telescope is perfect for kids who want to stargaze. Age 8+. 42.99. Available at Australian Geographic. More info

100x Microscope

Kids Microscope

Kids can examine things up close using this microscope. It contains slides, tweezers and vials so they can collect and examine different specimens. Age 8+. $63.99. Available at Australian Geographic. More info

4M Kids Intruder Alarm Robot

Alarm Robot STEM kids toy

This kit requires kids to build their own alarm robot and is great for teaching basic electronics and componentry. Age 8+. $29.99. Available at Toy World. More info


Bloxels Kids STEM toy

Kids can build their own video games. All you need is Bloxels, a mobile device and imagination to create a own video game with many possibilities! The 13″ x 13″ Bloxel gameboard with hundreds of blocks in different colours is a tangible tool where kids can build a game using their imagination. They can then play it in the Bloxels Builder App (not included). Age 8+. $49.99. Available at Caseys Toys. More info

Sphero BOLT App Enabled Robotic Ball

Sphero Bolt

Sphero BOLT is an app-enabled robotic ball that provides kids with opportunities to be creative and have fun while learning. It’s a cool device for kids to learn to code by drawing, using Scratch blocks, or writing JavaScript text with the Sphero Edu app from nearly any mobile or desktop device. Age 8+. $259. Available at Jb Hifi. More info There are also different Sphero balls available ranging from BOLT, SPRK+ and Minis.

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