Alice’s Wonderland: New Science Exhibition at Newcastle Museum

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Jump through the rabbit hole like Alice and discover a most curious adventure! The new exhibition Alice’s Wonderland opened today at Newcastle Museum.

Alices Wonderland

This fun and colourful exhibition is based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. On loan from Museums Victoria, this hands-on interactive exhibition brings basic science concepts to life for 3 – 8 year olds and their families. It features all them much-loved characters including Alice, the Mad Hatter, the white rabbit and caterpillar.

Alice's Wonderland

Kids can follow the white rabbit and crawl through the rabbit hole and enter the exhibition. Here you’ll discover a series of educational exhibits which introduce different science, maths and language concepts in a fun and engaging way. 

Alice's Wonderland Newcastle Museum exhibition

In this exhibition, parents and carers are encouraged to play and learn along with kids. In fact, you’ll need to read the placard next to each exhibit to explain the scientific concept and activity to kids.

Alice's Wonderland Newcastle Museum exhibition

You’ll enjoy visiting the different exhibits including the Mad Tea Party which introduces kids to geography in Digging to China.

Alice's Wonderland Newcastle Museum

Learn about counting and fractions at a counting station.

Alice's Wonderland Newcastle Museum

Alice’s Wonderland taps into different senses. As well as seeing and touching things, you can also smell things.

In the following exhibit, you and your kids can sniff different tea flavours! And on the other side of the table, you can press down on different buttons to make bubbles in different liquids and learn about viscosity.

Alice's Wonderland Newcastle

Sit down and enjoy a Mad Hatter’s picnic in Wonderland!

Alice's Wonderland Newcastle Museum

There are all kinds of different concepts to learn about including maths, telling time, physics and wordplay.

Learn about friction by dropping a golf ball and spinning the carpeted circle at different speeds. Then try on the adjacent exhibit and try aiming the ball on a different surface.

Alices Wonderland

There is also the Hall of Doors, a hall full of optical illusions and scientific puzzles to peer at.

Alices Wonderland

Alice’s Wonderland will be at Newcastle Museum until Sunday 10 July. Entry is $10 for adults, $5 for kids aged 3 and over, kids 2 and under are free, Family of four (2 adults & 2 children) – $25. Unfortunately, Discover Vouchers cannot be redeemed for this event.


Alice's Wonderland newcastle

Newcastle Museum is open 10am Tuesday to Sunday and 7 days a week in NSW school holidays but closed on Good Friday. For more information, visit the Newcastle Museum website.

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