It was a beautiful day for a playdate at the Hunter Wetlands Centre in Shortland. It’s a great nature outing with kids with a playground and plenty of picnic spots. Just don’t forget the Aerogard! There’s lots of mozzies around.

The first stop was the playground. The Discovery playground is fantastic and suitable for kids of all ages. It’s conveniently located adjacent to a BBQ shelter and picnic facilities. This is a perfect location to cook up a BBQ lunch or enjoy a picnic from home.

After the playground, we strolled around the wetlands on the walking tracks. The Sensory Trail was a big hit with the kids. There are informative signs that explain what plants to touch and smell.

In addition, to the walking trails, there are plenty of boardwalks to get up close to the native birdlife.

The kids loved watching all the different varieties of birds but couldn’t resist chasing them!

In the unlikely event that the kids got bored,we were ready to participate in some of the daily programs such as reptile talks, bird feeding talks, guided walking tours and dipnetting. However, the kids were enthralled by the large tanks containing snakes, lizards, turtles and fish at the main entrance of the Centre. One of the friendly staff members brought the lizard out of the tank so the kids could touch it. They loved that!

Definitely recommend the Hunter Wetlands Centre for a family outing. Just don’t forget the mozzie spray! (But if you do, the Centre supplies spray).

For admission costs and operating hours, visit Hunter Wetlands Centre website.