5 Kids Party Games to Play at the Park

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Guest blogger Mardi Lee from Party Ideas in a Box provides some ideas about fun party games to play at the park.

The park is a popular party destination for kids. It’s free, your kids are out and active and it’s big enough to take any number of kids. Most of all kids love going to the park.

The climbing equipment and larger-than-your-backyard outdoor space invites oodles of play. It would be easy enough to imagine “that’s all they need”. But there’s a tipping point that happens somewhere during the party. Kids need something different to bring the party together. It’s a time where you can whip out your “be prepared” bag of tricks with some adult initiated activities. Here are at least 5 party activities to play at the park when the time is right.

Have Fun with the Play Equipment

The kids have already played here, I hear you say! These three play ideas use the now familiar play equipment in a different way.

  • Play Hide and Seek – Make the boundaries clear. Choose one person to hide. Count to 10, then search.
  • Create an Obstacle Course – An obstacle course is a fun route for the kids to follow by using the playground in a different way. For example, leapfrog a piece of equipment rather than step on it.
  • Go on a Treasure Hunt – Hide one package of treasure for everyone to find, such as the pirate treasure hunt . At a place with other non-party kids, this is your better treasure hunt option.

Play with a Ball

A ball is one of the most versatile and all-ages toys. Pick up a ball to kick, throw, catch, play under and over. Use the surrounding environment to invent your own goals, or use field markers for a more defined play area. Try a simple team ball game having the parents versus the kids.

Blow Bubbles

How good are bubbles!? I love bubbles, kids love bubbles. Grabbing the bubble wand adds tonnes of fun to a party at the park. Watching and catching bubbles is a great all ages activity. Bring on a slight breeze to add an extra element of surprise…where will the bubbles float?

Lift Off with Rocket Balloons

Like the ball and the bubbles, rocket balloons are an absolute fun and simple party treat, perfect for all ages. The balloons keep kids interested because they are colourful, funny (long balloons, not round), unpredictable and make a great whizzing sound. Remember the balloon pump as this is one of those activities that will be repeated.

Play the Egg and Spoon Race

The egg and spoon race game is an easy to pack outdoor relay race party activity. Set up a couple of teams. Find a start point and an end point. Keep the egg balanced on the spoon without dropping it. If you need to level up for the older kids, use the play equipment. Challenge them to balance the egg on the spoon as they climb through the tunnel, or walk up the steps or go down the slide. Perhaps even walk backwards, or even blindfold! How would you like your eggs? Bouncy rubber ball eggs, pull apart matching eggs, musical maraca eggs or wooden eggs? They are all food allergy friendly without the worry of breaking in your bag on the way to the park.

These are some party game ideas you can easily play at the park. With minimal planning, the games will bring the focus of your party together. Kids of all ages will be interested and involved when these ideas are brought to life with these simple games.

Party Ideas in a Box is bringing back the genuine love of playing games at everyday celebrations and birthday parties for children and families. Created by early childhood teacher Mardi Lee, Party Ideas in a Box is a Newcastle based online children’s party business. Party Ideas in a Box helps you celebrate your authentic occasion by delivering the fun and games to your party.

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