12 fun things to do with your family along Bathers Way

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Have you visited Bathers Way lately?

This beautiful coastal walk stretches along our scenic coastline from Nobbys Headland to the north to Merewether Baths to the south, and in recent months it’s become even better. This major coastal revitalisation project of Newcastle City Council is now 50 percent complete and is looking great.

We’ve been walking different sections of Bathers Way and have been impressed with the improvements including a wider shared pathway of 4-6m for pedestrians and cyclists as well as shade shelters, seating and viewing areas.

To celebrate the construction of Bathers Way, here are some ideas to enjoy Bathers Way with your family and enjoy some quality time outdoors!

Walk along the Anzac Memorial Walk

Not only does this 450 metre long clifftop walkway boast amazing ocean and city views, it’s a poignant tribute to local men and women who enlisted during World War 1. Bring paper and pencil to do an etching of some of the names.


Go for a swim at Merewether or Newcastle Ocean Baths

Open all year round, these pools are a top spot for a family swim. Merewether Baths has a shallow area that’s perfect for babies and younger kids to splash around. Just check the cleaning schedule.


Stop for fish and chips at Bar Beach

Grab a takeaway fish and chips and eat them at the beach while enjoying views out to the ocean.

Enjoying the view at Bar Beach

Watch hang gliders glide off Strezlecki Point

Located on top of Memorial Drive near the Anzac Memorial Walk, this high point is a popular spot for hang gliders and tourists alike. On a windy day, watch as hang gliders run off the cliffs to catch the thermals.

Scoot, bike or skate along Bathers Way

With wider shared paths, there’s plenty of room for scooters, kids bikes and skateboards along Bathers Way or try out the Empire Park skate park at Bar Beach.


Have a picnic on the new shelters along Bathers Way at Nobbys and Bar Beach

Providing blessed shade along Bathers Way, these shelters are a perfect spot for a picnic.

Bar Beach
Photo courtesy of Newcastle City Council

Swim between the flags

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches along Bathers Way. Choose from Merewether Beach, Dixon Park Beach, Bar Beach, Newcastle Beach or Nobbys Beach. All beaches are patrolled during the summer surfing season from 19 September 2015 until 25 April 2016 while Nobbys and Bar Beach are patrolled all year round.

Bathers Way Coastal Walk in Newcastle NSW

Go for a snorkel at the rock pool at low tide at Nobbys Beach

This shallow rock pool is a great spot to snorkel with kids. Protected by the waves, there’s a myriad of sea life in this pool. From schools of fish to starfish and octopus, plenty to see.

Bathers Way Coastal Walk in Newcastle NSW

Watch the coal ships glide in and out of the harbour under the watch of the hard-working tug boats

You usually don’t have to wait long to see coal ships arriving or departing the Port of Newcastle.

Bathers Way Coastal Walk in Newcastle NSW
Photo courtesy of Newcastle City Council

Take babies and kids for a swim or paddle at the Canoe Pool

This wonderful shallow swimming area is a popular spot with families in the summer. Even though the concrete Map of the World is no longer buried there, encourage kids to tunnel through the sand to find it. They don’t need to know that it was removed decades ago.


Watch dolphins and whales off the coast

Pods of dolphins regularly swim from Newcastle Beach to Merewether. You can often see them frolicking in the waves with the surfers. From May to November, it’s whale watching season. Keep an eye out for the tell-tale blow of water into the air. Best vantage points include Bar Beach and Anzac Memorial Walk.

Dolphin spotting at Bar Beach

Watch the sun rise or set over Bathers Way

Whether it’s dawn or dusk watching the sun rise or set over Bathers Way is something special.

Photo courtesy of Newcastle City Council
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